About Us

Greetings everyone,
We are the co-founders of Cosmo Elegance, a brand rooted in the fusion of our names, Cosmina and Mo, which carries profound significance to us. With a collective background in architecture, both holding master's degrees in the field, we have cultivated a deep appreciation for functional design and an unwavering attention to detail.
While continuing our endeavours within the architectural industry, we embarked on the journey of establishing Cosmo Elegance out of a discerned gap in the jewellery market. Observing the prevailing trends of exorbitant pricing and environmental unsustainability, we recognized an opportunity to integrate the principles of architectural integrity into the realm of jewellery design.
Our vision for Cosmo Elegance is to offer a distinguished jewellery brand that not only embodies the ethos of architecture but also prioritizes affordability. We are committed to crafting pieces that are not only aesthetically striking but also practical, boasting attributes such as waterproofing, sweat resistance, tarnish resistance, and hypoallergenic properties.
In essence, our aim is to democratize the concept of luxury jewellery by delivering high-quality pieces that emulate the allure of genuine gold, yet remain affordable and environmentally conscious. Through Cosmo Elegance, we aspire to introduce a paradigm shift in lifestyle choices, offering a blend of elegance, functionality, and sustainability to our discerning clientele.
Thanks for stopping by,

Cosmina & Mo